What is acoustic correction for?

The reverberation effect

Excess reverberation leads to a higher sound volume combined with reduced intelligibility. This effect is a major influence on well-being in the workplace.

Acoustic Reflection-reverberation-absoption

The aim of correction

Acoustic correction ensures optimal acoustic quality in an indoor space. Proper acoustic correction depends on the size and shape of the space, and the quality of the walls, which is mainly determined by their outer material.

Consultation and estimates

We use both real and virtual measurement tools to analyze the acoustic quality of any building type. After a precise diagnosis, we put our expertise to work designing and carrying out all installation for the acoustic interior of commercial, institutional and industrial spaces. This includes magnetic induction loops for people with hearing impairments.

The sound level is measured using a Class 1 sound level meter calibrated at 94 dBA. To measure the sound level based on the desired use of the space, the sound level meter includes a weighting filter to simulate various ear sensitivities. For an “A Weighting” curve, we measure decibels. For reference, an office produces 55 dBA of ambient noise, while a jackhammer or drum set at a 1-metre distance produces 110 dBA.



Since our beginnings, we have focused our resources on researching new contemporary, bio-based and recycled materials. Through this commitment, Spica Acoustique is able to offer a multitude of solutions and designs that meet the needs of our clients. The products we design comply with the current professional standards in acoustic correction.



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