Where does the din in your restaurant come from ?

Do a test: listen to a group speaking outside, and then have them speak inside a room. The difference is striking! In the second case, the sound of the conversations turns into a din. Why? Because the sounds made by people and objects are reverberated off the walls, floor and ceiling. This reverberation prolongs each sound, even after the sound has stopped at its source, creating a cacophony.

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In a restaurant, noise can have a major impact on the customer experience and even damage an establishment’s reputation. Acoustic correction in restaurant interiors is a highly effective solution for reducing residual noise, improving the acoustic comfort of your customers and staff.
Strategically placing absorbent materials (acoustic panels or baffles) on the ceiling and walls, in a way that integrates with the architecture and interior design, reduces residual noise by about 35%. It also increases the chances of your customers having more pleasant conversation.