Architectural acoustics and concepts

In acoustics, one size doesn’t fit all. Constellation is a simple, elegant way to transform the architectural acoustics of a space with the touch of a finger, creating never-before-possible acoustic flexibility.

Pulsar Cube

Product code: B01-PUL

The PULSAR cube is made from ultralight Basotect foam, created using nanotechnology, with high-performance acoustic properties. This acoustic foam is extremely absorbent and sturdy due to its open alveolar structure.

  • Ideal for medium and large spaces
  • A simple and highly effective solution with a unique design
  • Made in Germany


Product code: SYS-CON


The CONSTELLATION passive design acoustic system transforms your space into an environment suitable for a variety of uses, whether it’s an arena, a multi-use room or a show venue. With no acoustic constraints, the space perfectly accommodates how it is being used, leaving room for creativity.

Pourquoi choisir le concept Constellation?

CONSTELLATION is a truly innovative acoustic concept for large spaces that eliminates the acoustic problems resulting from their single-function design.

Until recent years, most spaces were constructed with specific acoustics suited to one particular use: theatres were designed for theatre, concert halls for concerts, conference rooms for speakers, factories for workers, public pools for swimmers, etc. The extreme noise levels and total cacophony that could be found in these places were not a major concern.

This led to compromised acoustics, as well as a need for expensive and awkward architectural modifications.

Today, for cost reasons, there is more of a tendency to build public meeting spaces referred to as multi-use rooms. When a space must meet various experiential criteria, it needs to have predetermined neutral acoustics with a reverberation rate of around one second across all surfaces to be adaptable to all uses.

This acoustics issue also applies to factories and public pools. The lack of absorbent surfaces among the materials used in their construction (glass, metal and drywall) create noise levels that can be harmful and extremely uncomfortable for anyone using or working in the space. Acoustic correction, or even better—acoustic planning, prevent this from happening

CONSTELLATION uses CELESTE baffles optimized by Easera software.