Acoustic office dividers

Nos panneaux séparateurs antibruit sont conçus pour diviseThese acoustic divider panels are designed to separate medium and large surfaces into quieter, more functional spaces. They offer a simple and cost-efficient way to minimize distractions in an open-plan office environment.

Whether suspended or installed on stands, Gobo-T and Gobo-S office partitions are a solution that allow you to configure customized workspaces in a variety of shapes and styles.
Designed to absorb 85% of ambient noise (NRC 0.85).

Gobo-s acoustic divider

Product code: G-S2

The GOBO-S is a suspended, double-sided acoustic divider panel.

  • In addition to providing soundproofing, can be used as a surface to pin notes, photos and other decorations
  • Divide the acoustic space as you see fit
  • Made in Quebec

Gobo-t acoustic divider

Product code: G-T2

Placed on a desk or the floor, this 2-inch thick, fabric-covered divider is used to separate numerous spaces in shared environments such as open-plan offices.

  • Movable or fixed divider offering total privacy
  • Superior sound absorption
  • Easy installation 
  • Made in Quebec